the wedding planning continues

a bride’s perspective

Photo by Marisa Morton on Unsplash

It is the start of February 2021 and I thought it might be worth sharing an update with you all about my wedding planning journey, since the last time I posted.

In brief, we did not end up having a small ceremony as the city we live in was plunged into further lockdown restrictions for a total of 3 months. Our friends and family sent us beautiful gifts on what would have been our wedding day though, and for a good 2 weeks our house was filled with bouquets of flowers, chocolates, gourmet hampers of wine and cheese and snacks. We also received a video with messages from friends and family, which we watched multiple times.

…and 8 days before what would have been our wedding day, I actually got admitted as a lawyer officially in court! It happened virtually on paper so I did not get to wear my navy suit and Gucci brooch and stand up and nod in front of a judge, and as I recall now, it was a rather long day at work. But at the end of that day, I remember taking a moment to just sit and absorb the fact that I officially became a lawyer, before I got married and before I turned 30. It was truly a milestone.

Anyway, back to the wedding. We have started planning again, and right now we are waiting for the Save-the-Date cards to arrive in the mail so we can start wax stamping and posting these out. I ended up collecting my dress from the bridal store with one of my work friends who also helped me find a veil (and in case you’re wondering, it is fingertip length!). My artificial floral bouquets also arrived and it is sitting safely in the wardrobe along with our wedding rings and other wedding bits and bobs. Our hotel venue opened just before Christmas last year so we managed to stay there and do a venue tour. I also booked our wedding stylist as a planner, so now I have an extra pair of capable hands sharing the planning load which is great.

As for the details, we have changed wedding favours from little red gift bags filled with lollies to mandarin and rose flavoured tea cookies. Our cocktail hour will be in a ballroom (I never thought to have a ballroom wedding). Oh and one of my bridesmaids lost so much weight as part of a health kick that we now need to find her another dress!

So, after all that and with COVID still hanging around like an unwanted visitor who will never seem to leave the house, the wedding planning train is back in motion. This time the whole process feels lighter, maybe because we are less anxious and fearful of the outcome. 7 months to go now, I’ll keep you all updated.



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